When Church Goes Wrong: 16 Crazy Sunday Bloopers

failblog / YouTube

I guess the Spirit really does blow where he wants to….

1) Youth pastor loses control of motorcycle in church sanctuary

2) Pastor karate chops pulpit

3) Excited teen accidentally punches pastor during baptism

4) Pulpit breaks in half under pastor while he’s preaching

5) Pastor falls in coffin during Easter service

6) “Pride always goes before the fall.”

7) Pastor’s pants fall down during wedding ceremony

8) He told the person to slap him as a sermon illustration, but…

9) Statue falls and breaks in the middle of a procession

10) Kid swims out of baptismal

11) Strange altar call qualification

12) Man punches pastor in the face during service

13) Oops, didn’t mean to say that

14) Acolytes accidentally set flower bouquet on fire

15) Boy misses communion because he’s short

16) Praise dancer flips just a bit too far

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Make holy all the things!



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