37 Signs You Were a Youth Group Kid

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smithrw1 / Flickr

1) You learned how to spell with this song:

2) You survived a Fear Factor inspired eating game.

3) You’ve been to Mexico for a mission/service trip.

4) You’ve given your “testimony” to a large group before.

5) Your public prayers are filled with “Father God” and “just…”

6) You learned just enough on the guitar to lead worship songs with 4 chords.

joelthedrummer / Flickr
joelthedrummer / Flickr

7) You know all the motions to “Lord I Life Your Name on High,” “Big House,” “Trading My Sorrows,” and “Pharaoh, Pharaoh.”

8) The motions to “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” were edgy.

9) You wore a purity ring growing up.

10) You participated in “See you at the pole” at school.

Dena Finley / Flickr
Dena Finley / Flickr

11) You were very concerned about modesty and “guarding your heart.”

12) Your youth group had a policy about girl’s bathing suits at events.

13) You were very concerned about “how far is too far” with your boy/girlfriend.

14) You’ve seen this performed live, or you’ve helped perform this:

15) You went to church on Halloween – and it was a “Harvest Festival.”

16) You listened to K-LOVE, Air1, or some other radio station that was “positive and encouraging.”

17) “I Could Only Imagine” by MercyMe still gives you chills.

18) You have memorized Proverbs 3.5-6, John 3.16, John 14.6, Romans 3.23, Romans 6.23, and Ephesians 2.8-9.

19) You’ve led someone through the “Roman road.”

20) You’ve watched every episode of Veggie Tales.

21) You went to VBS every summer.

LWChristian / Flickr
LWChristian / Flickr

22) You never went to “big church.”

23) You were taught how to not lose your faith in college.

24) You never did get all those Awana badges.

25) You still love this guy:

26) You’ve cried during music worship before.

27) You’ve sung worship songs around a campfire.

28) You’ve shared about your struggles in a small group.

29) Your youth room had really old couches.

Matty Farah / Flickr
Matty Farah / Flickr

30) You perfected the art of the side-hug.

31) You wondered how to move a relationship from “I love you like a brother/sister” to boy/girlfriend.

32) You started dating or broke up with someone because you thought God wanted you to.

33) You once shared “something on your heart” to the whole youth group.

34) You regularly watched or were a part of skits with ridiculous costumes.

Messiah Lutheran (Mechanicsville, VA) / Flickr
Messiah Lutheran (Mechanicsville, VA) / Flickr

35) You’ve owned a youth study Bible – and you actually read it.

36) Your youth pastor presided over your wedding.

37) You made some of your best friends at youth group.

Bo Gordy-Stith / Flickr
Bo Gordy-Stith / Flickr


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