St. John Paul II May Actually Be More Inspiring When He’s Auto-Tuned

ClarkJaman / YouTube

Here are the lyrics:

Authentic love and true freedom are in Jesus Christ

To be full of hope and joy, give of yourself to others 

We love you, we love you, we love you 
Perhaps I love you more 

To all of you I offer peace and joy of Jesus Christ 
You are redeemed by Him and taken up in His love 
If the Son frees you, you’ll be free indeed 
He’s the way the truth and the life indeed 

It’s only God God 
God made man in Jesus Christ 
Know what you think about yourselves 
Search for the meaning of your life 

That He alone can fill your hearts 
You are truly free 
You are made truly free in Him 
Truly free in Him 
free in Him 

Materialistic concerns and one sided values 
Are never sufficient to fill the heart

Lyrics and song by JungleHeart Productions



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