7 “Sister Act” Clips that Will Totally Make Your Day

Sister Act / Touchstone Pictures / Sovranita / YouTube

If it’s one of those days, it might be that all you need is some gospel music and comedy fun from everyone’s favorite movies about nuns: Sister Act and Sister Act 2.


1) “Oh Happy Day” – When that young guy shocks everyone with that super high note (2:32)

2) “Hail, Holy Queen” – With a lot more rhythm than usual… (it starts to pick up at 1:20)

3) “Ball of Confusion” – In which you really are left a bit confused, but, hey, that’s cool

4) “Joyful, Joyful” – The awesomeness which every show choir in the country aspires to

5) “Get Up Offa That Thing / Dancing in the Street” – Whoopi goes a bit nuts. I laughed out loud at 2:06!

6) “Ain’t No Mountain High” – You finally get to hear the monks sing at 1:30

7) “I Will Follow Him” – Even the Pope gives them a standing ovation! And I get chills every time starting at 2:15…



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