18 Signs You Might Have A LOT of Kids

Dan & Susie Romer / Flickr

1) You take your two youngest children on dates – and it still feels like a date

2) You’ve mastered the art of maintaining a conversation while being interrupted every few seconds

3) You have a very high tolerance for chaos

via butlerwritings.com
via butlerwritings.com

4)You can shuck corn, bake a cake, write an email, and change a diaper… one handed (because your other arm is holding a baby)

5) You have an elaborate system for saving all your children’s clothes for their younger siblings

6) Going to the grocery store with your spouse is a romantic outing

Amy Schubert / Flickr
Amy Schubert / Flickr

7) You’re aware of the concept of “tithe child”

8) You’re actually sort of aiming for having a tithe child…

9) You have a witty reply (or are working on one!) for the inevitable “you do know where kids come from, right?” jokes

via replygif.net
via replygif.net

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10) You can’t always remember basic information about all of your kids, e.g. birth dates, ages, names, etc

11) You have a pattern to how you’ve named your children

12) You own a 15 passenger van

Alan Teo / Flickr
Alan Teo / Flickr

13) You never travel by plane

14) When people see your family arriving for confession, they rush to get in line in front of you all

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15) When your toddler falls and hits his head, you think: “It’s only a flesh wound…”

via tumblr
via tumblr

16) Your post-partum hospital stay feels like a grand hotel and spa

17) You finish answering how many children you have with “…so far”

18) You feel extraordinarily blessed!

Frédéric de Villamil / Flickr
Frédéric de Villamil / Flickr
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