Your Church Needs You! 6 Ways You Can Get More Involved in Your Church Today

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1) Manage your Church’s website or social media (or create them!)


Believe it or not, the generation of people in charge at your parish or church don’t have a clue how to use Facebook, operate WordPress, or send a Tweet. But maybe you do and should put it to use for your church.

If we want to evangelize this generation then we have to speak their chosen language through their chosen medium.

2) Start a small group


It’s easy! Pick a topic you love or want to discuss with others. Then approach your pastoral team about including this in the bulletin and announcements.

Ask for some help leading and organizing – someone is bound to have the same interests as you, so be encouraged and grow together!

3) Start a band and make some worship music


Churches lack good music. A lot of teens want to play good music. A lot of people would like to attend regular worship sessions.

If you play music, or want to learn, get thee band together and approach your pastor about an audition. If you have the talent, use it!

4) Make a welcome bag


When new members come to your church, they want something to teach them what makes your church different. Making up a bag with special contents can fulfill this need.

I’m not talking about candy bars and baked goods (though that does sound delicious), your welcome bag can have a greeting from the pastor, a list of possible activities to join, a missalette, catechism, or other spiritual literature. People want something to grow on and this is a perfect way to accomplish that.

5) Find talent and put it to use


One way to get the most out of your church is to survey for talent. Within a short amount of time, the criteria for ministries can be discovered in a short survey each of the members in your church are invited to complete.

Outlining abilities in music, art, organization, leadership, prayer, greeting, cooking, etc., your whole congregation can find his and her place.

6) Self-publish a book (or series)


Several years ago, my church sent around a survey asking for volunteers to tell their story of overcoming addiction. A selection of these names were included in a book, edited, published, and sold to members. The idea sparked wildfire and everyone was soon encouraged in their own struggles by the epic stories. It also raised a few bucks to support other ministries.

You could found a book on converts, apologetics, stories of heroism and mercy. This is a great way to evangelize!

Shaun McAfee is the author of Filling Our Father’s House: What Converts Can Teach Us About Evangelization, which on Amazon in paperback for $10.99 and Kindle for $9.99.


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Shaun McAfee (Founding Contributor) is a Protestant-to-Catholic convert, husband, and father. He has a Masters in Dogmatic Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, is the Founder of Epic Pew, and is the author of Filling Our Father's House. Learn more about Shaun and his other work at


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