Brick With Threatening Note Thrown Thru Pro-Lifer Jill Stanek’s Window

Jill Stanek, Facebook / ChurchPOP

“In the scheme of things this was nothing,” Jill Stanke wrote on Facebook. “But having my home vandalized was a first for me in the ‪#‎prolife‬ movement.”

Jill Stanek is a long-time pro-life advocate and is currently the National Campaign Chair for the the pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List. She recently returned home to find that a cinderblock with a threatening message had been thrown through her window.

“We came home from vacation last night,” Stanke explained, “to a broken window and a plastic bag with a large piece of cinder block inside and a message.” The message read: “Quit your pro-life bullsh*t.”

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Here’s an uncensored picture of the message attached to the cinderblock:

Jill Stanek, Facebook
Jill Stanek, Facebook

“As if they thought this would make me stop?” Stanek wrote in response to the message.

Her family called the police, who advised them not publicize the incident. But Stanek thought going public with it was important, explaining, “I wasn’t going to let ‪#‎prochoiceviolence‬ go unchecked.”

Here are a few more photos from the incident:

Jill Stanek, Facebook
Jill Stanek, Facebook
Jill Stanek, Facebook
Jill Stanek, Facebook
Jill Stanek, Facebook
Jill Stanek, Facebook

And here’s her full post on Facebook:

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Please pray for the safety of Jill Stanek and her family, and for all pro-life leaders!

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