Inside Sources Leak Possible Location of the Next World Youth Day

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It’s a tradition that the pope announces at the end of World Youth Day where the next one will be taking place.

Though Pope Francis isn’t set to the make the official announcement until Sunday, rumors have already been spreading about the possible location.

You ready for it?


“Sources point to Panama as the likely next destination,” Inés San Martín writes on Crux. “Its president, Juan Carlos Varela, a practicing Catholic who will attend the event in Krakow this week, is said to have worked to convince the bishops to host the next WYD, rather than the other way round.”

However, a spokesperson of the Catholic Church in Panama told a Latin American news agency that they had not been told definitively by the Vatican that WYD will be in Panama. Nonetheless, in previous years, the bishops of the country that ended up being chosen have also denied rumors saying they haven’t been told “officially” yet.

So we will have to wait for Sunday to get a definitive answer.

If in fact the next WYD will be held in Panama, if would be the 3rd time the event has been held in Latin America.

The fact that these rumors exist, that the President of Panama is in Poland for WYD, and that people are connecting these two things have been confirmed on Twitter:


Where would you like the next WYD to be? Let us know in the comments!

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