Thousands March for Life in Berlin! (Pics & Video Inside)

ChurchPOP, YouTube / CNA/EWTN

Thousands of people participated in the Marsch für das Leben (March for Life) in Berlin today. Like other similar marches around the world, the march is for an end to abortion, though increasingly also for an end to euthanasia.

“With the Berlin March for Life,” the official website says, “we call [on] German society and [politicians] to take action to really prevent and avoid abortion and to better help unplanned pregnant parents in need. We are also deeply concerned about the silent increase of acceptance of euthanasia in Europe, as it is already being practiced again in some countries.”

According to organizers, around 7,500 people participated. That’s slightly more than last year’s march, which had around 7,000 participants.

Here’s a short video of the march:

And here are some pictures:

Rudolf Gehrig, CNA/EWTN
Rudolf Gehrig, CNA/EWTN
Rudolf Gehrig, CNA/EWTN
Rudolf Gehrig, CNA/EWTN
Rudolf Gehrig, CNA/EWTN
Rudolf Gehrig, CNA/EWTN

Pray for an end to abortion around the world!

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