Coptic Christians Bravely Chant Nicene Creed After Bombing in Viral Video

Albert Doulos-Christos, Facebook

What incredible faith!

A video is going viral on Facebook that purportedly shows a crowd of Coptic Christians in Egypt chanting the Nicene Creed in Arabic outside of a church that was bombed.

Here’s the video:

Posted to Facebook on Sunday, April 9th, the video description says: “Coptic Christians boldly reciting the Nicene Creed in Arabic after a cathedral bombing.”

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm whether the video is from the most recent attacks, or if it’s from a previous attack and is simply circulating again.

Either way, the video stands as a powerful testament to the strong faith of Christians in the face of terrible persecution.

Say a prayer for persecuted Christians in the Middle East!

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