New York TV Anchor Lauds Catholic Schools: “I Am Proud to Be a Catholic”


Catholic schools provide an invaluable service to our communities!

That was the message Rosanna Scotto, co-host of the morning TV program Good Day New York, gave on a video recorded for New Evangelization Television (NET), an initiative of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

I’m a product of Catholic schools,” she said. “I credit my Catholic education at Visitation Academy in Brooklyn and Catholic University of America of giving me a terrific, stable foundation to survive in this crazy world of TV news. I believe so strongly in the Catholic education that I enrolled my children in Catholic schools as well.

She specifically pointed to the moral development that Catholic schools provide as one of their main benefits: “I think it’s not only important to get a fantastic education but also important to give back. Catholic schools promote service as part of their curriculum. Values and morals are part of the education.”

She concluded: “I’m proud to be a Catholic and humbled to part of your community.”

Here’s the video:

Say a prayer for Catholic schools!

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