The Meme-Sharing Bishop: Why You Should Follow Bishop Umbers of Sydney

@BishopRichardUmbers, Facebook

It’s a new world. Bishops are sharing memes on Facebook.

Richard Umbers was consecrated a bishop just about a year ago and is serving as an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney. We previously shared a hilarious video he posted on his Facebook page of his mom giving him advice prior to his consecration.

And now he apparently loves sharing memes!

While many bishops share short messages or information about their diocese on their Facebook pages (great to do!), Bishop Umbers is fairly unique for sharing funny memes. They often make a point about the Catholic faith, but not always.

For example, here’s a one he posted just today:

@BishopRichardUmbers, Facebook

It’s a comic about how many governments have tried to destroy the Catholic Church, but that the Catholic Church has outlived them all.

Many of his posts make a point about the faith:

@BishopRichardUmbers, Facebook
@BishopRichardUmbers, Facebook
@BishopRichardUmbers, Facebook
@BishopRichardUmbers, Facebook

But some are just for fun!

@BishopRichardUmbers, Facebook

Memes, done right, can be a highly effective way of sharing ideas in our social media world.

But Bishop Umbers only has about 2800 Likes on Facebook so far – do you think we could get him some more and help spread his messages? You can like him right here!

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