Atheist Richard Dawkins Warns Post-Christian Europe May Be Worse, Quotes Catholic Writer

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@RichardDawkins, Twitter

This is a bit unexpected!

Outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins shared a Guardian article about the decline of Christianity in Europe – and said people should be worried, as well as quoted a Catholic author!

Here’s his tweet:

@RichardDawkins, Twitter

His tweet reads: “Before we rejoice at the death throes of the relatively benign Christian religion, let’s not forget Hilaire Belloc’s menacing rhyme: ‘Always keep a-hold of nurse For fear of finding something worse.’

Dawkins has been one of the most outspoken leaders of the New Atheist movement, which has been militantly anti-religion, especially Christianity.

His use of a quote from Belloc is also noteworthy, since Belloc was a famous English Catholic writer in the early 20th century.

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