Miracle Statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe is Crying Tears in New Mexico (See the Video!)

Hobbs News Sun, YouTube


A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Hobbs, New Mexico is allegedly miraculously crying tears that smell like roses (videos below!).

It is a miracle, nothing short of a miracle,” parishioner Paul Campos told local TV station KRQE. “You can even get a sense of her presence. You can smell roses in her tears. I’ve got a tissue that I’ve taken, wiped from her mantle.

Parishioners say they first noticed the tears after the noon Mass last Sunday. Word has quickly spread and hundreds of pilgrims have already come through.

The parish priest Fr. Jose Segura said he didn’t really know what to do and so called his bishop right away.  The Archdiocese of Las Cruces will perform an investigation into the matter.

Here’s a news report on the statue:

And here’s a video taken on someone’s phone:

What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments!

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