This Powerful Pro-Life Drawing That’s Going Viral Will Stop You in Your Tracks

NO al aborto, SI a la VIDA, Facebook

Wow. This is heart-wrenching.

A powerful drawing about abortion has been going viral on social media in the last week or so. The drawing shows a fetus grabbing onto a string attached to her mother’s heart while trying to get away from sharp instruments in her womb (you can see it below).

Based on the inscription on the bottom right of the drawing, it appears the drawing may be originally from a Facebook page called NO al aborto, SI a la VIDA. It was posted on that page on June 11th and has so far been shared over 3.7k times. It was quickly also shared on the popular pro-life Facebook page CHOICE42, and has been shared over 12k times from there. It has also been shared on other pages on Facebook and all over Twitter.

“I can’t handle how tragic this is,” one commenter wrote.

“This was the most disturbing image I’ve seen in 40 years of surgical practice,” wrote another. “Thanks for posting it. It brings the whole tragedy home.”

Here’s the drawing:

NO al aborto, SI a la VIDA, Facebook

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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