“What Play Is It From Again?”: Acting Student Wows Directors With… Mary’s Magnificat!

Wikipedia, Public Domain / @Sarah_Miller7, Twitter

Have you ever heard of an actress using Mary’s Magnificat for an audition? I know I haven’t!

According to Sarah Miller, a student at Point Park University Conservatory of Performing Arts, her directors haven’t either.

She explained in a tweet that the directors actually enjoy listening to her rendition of the ancient canticle, saying that it is “unique and beautiful” – and that they often wonder “what play is it from again?” 😆

Here’s the tweet:

@Sarah_Miller7, Twitter

The full text reads, “I love whipping out The Magnificat as a dramatic monologue for auditions. Directors are always like, ‘wow that’s so unique and beautiful, what play is it from again?’ / Me: “😏the goodest one ever 😏”

On top of all this, the preforming arts student was so astonished that her tweet went viral, she decided to use her voice to promote the rosary.

@Sarah_Miller7, Twitter

The response to her tweet reads, “I can’t believe how much attention this is getting so I’m just gonna say: Everyone, pray the rosary!!”

What a beautiful witness to the faith! Let us pray that all those in the field of the performing arts will follow the same example!

St. Genesius, patron saint of actors, pray for us! 

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