Baptist Admits Rosary Is “More Powerful Than I Thought,” Recommends Mother Angelica as Teacher!

EWTN / @Bevelonbooks, Twitter

Whoa! You don’t see this everyday!

While Catholics and Protestants have a lot in common, there are few things that get Protestants more concerned about Catholicism than our veneration of Mary. And what’s more Marian than the Rosary?

And yet, a Baptist writer on Twitter reveals that he recently prayed the Rosary and found it very powerful. Not only that, he recommended people watch YouTube videos of EWTN foundress Mother Angelica to learn how!

Here’s his tweet:

@Bevelonbooks, Twitter

He writes: “My hospice client is Catholic & I’m going to pray the rosary with her which is a) not something Baptists usually do; b) something that would kill my mother; and c) more powerful than I thought it would be and also there’s a woman named Sister Angelica on YouTube who’ll teach you.”

Mike Bevel‘s unusual tweet is going viral. Even though he only has 346 followers, his tweet (as of this writing) has gotten more than 1200 likes and 88 retweets, and counting.

He’s gotten lots of comments and questions, and he’s given some interesting responses.

About Mother Angelica, Bevel said, “I’ve known about her for all of 90 minutes and I am ::absolutely:: fiercely protective of her and her adorable apple face.”

When someone explained she was the foundress of EWTN, he responded, “I ONLY know about EWTN because it was on the YouTube video I watched. I watched the rosary for Friday, which also includes the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries. Sister Angelica is now, along with Sister Wendy, among my favorite nuns.”

To which the official EWTN twitter account responded! They said they’d be praying for him and shared a quote from Mother Angelica:

@EWTN, Twitter

When someone mentioned how the rosary led them to becoming Catholic, Bevel shared his spiritual journey on the matter:

“I had sort of a Spiritual Awakening last year, and thought I was being called to be a Catholic! I went to one catechism class and thought, ‘Well, I love the Catholics very much, but I, Mike Bevel, am not a Catholic.’ /1

“Then I tried the Quakers, but that made me realize I need more religion/Bible in my religion. So I thought, “I’ll just go to the faith that I was essentially raised in.” But spirals are found all over nature and who knows where I’ll end up ultimately. /end”.

Even Catholic author and radio show host Jennifer Fulwiler jumped into the conversation and shared, “When my husband, who was raised Baptist, first encountered a rosary he held it up and said ‘How do you operate this?'”

Bevel joked back, “There’s an On button, right?” (I’m still laughing about this story you told.)”

Say a prayer for this man’s conversion!

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