“I Was Blown Away”: What Changed This Anti-Catholic’s Mind About The Faith After 30 Years

@bcoulter7, Twitter / Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Wow! What an awesome story!

Brandon Coulter, a twitter user from Colorado Springs, recently explained in a viral tweet his journey to the Catholic Church.

He said he was “as anti-Catholic as they come,” but changed his mind after reading Catholic Church history and the Church Fathers.

Read his incredible conversion story below:

I haven’t officially tweeted this yet, but for the last 5-6 months, I’ve been struggling through a very unexpected twist in my Christian life: the Catholic Church. If you knew me before, you would know that this was the farthest thing from my mind for the past 30 years.

I was as anti-Catholic as they come (James White probably had me beat). The problem was, I knew NOTHING about their actually teachings. All I knew came from other anti-Catholic polemicists. Until I started a class on Church History (via a Reformed grad school). I was blown away.

In addition, I started to read the Church Fathers. Not what people say about the Fathers, but their actual letters and writings. This was HUGE in my dealings with the claims of Catholicism. They actually sounded Catholic and not Protestant.

Along with many, many pages of books, debates, and conversion stories, I started to really think that the Catholic Church is the Church that Christ founded 2000+ years ago. Now I am on the path towards full-communion with the Catholic Church. Crazy!

That being said, I have to thank several influential Catholics who were some of the most kind, humble, and brilliant people I have ever met. @ccpecknold, you have been truly a Godsend. Thank you for the many, many DM conversations and for praying for me and my family. You rock!

@JoshuaTCharles, you have been so kind and patient with me. Thank you for all of the book recommendations and the texts and phone calls. @DrJoshMadden thank you for sharing your store with me. @pgepps, my former professor in Bible college, thank you for helping me a long the way!

@jdflynn, thank you for introducing me to great guys like @ekniffin. Eric recommenced a great parish in my town and I’m already making connections! Anyway, Catholic or not, all of these guys deserve a follow. Not enough space to write everything but I’m grateful for this journey.

I also want to thank some huge contributors from the podcast world: @WordOnFire, @Pints_W_Aquinas, @CatholicManShow, @mattfradd, @Patrick_Coffin, and @PadreMichaelO on Catholic Stuff You Should Know.

Here’s screenshots from his Twitter thread:

@bcoulter7, Twitter
@bcoulter7, Twitter
@bcoulter7, Twitter
@bcoulter7, Twitter
@bcoulter7, Twitter
@bcoulter7, Twitter
@bcoulter7, Twitter
@bcoulter7, Twitter

Welcome home, Brandon!

What do you think of his conversion story?

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