Inside Notre Dame Cathedral: Interior “Relatively Untouched” After Devastating Fire

@CathedraleNotre, Twitter / ChurchPOP

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Wow! What a miracle!

News reports of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral fire showed devastating damage to the outside of the historical church.

However, recent posts on a Twitter account for the cathedral show that the main interior is “relatively untouched” after the spire and central roof collapsed.

Reports also said the cathedral’s Pieta statue remains untouched.

Here’s the post:

Click here if you cannot see the post above.

The tweet reads“Inside #NotreDame. Only a small part of the vault collapsed. Interior seems relatively untouched. Alleluia! #NotreDame #Paris”.

Here’s more photos of the post-fire interior:

@CathedraleNotre, Twitter
@CathedraleNotre, Twitter
@KacieMcDonnell, Twitter

Here’s the post about the Pieta:

@CathedraleNotre, Twitter

Here’s how some people reacted to the photos:

@BostonBedelia, Twitter

This user said, “These pictures are fortunately amazing!!!”

@marcia59028523, Twitter

Another user said, “Easter week miracle.”

@BostonBedelia, Twitter

This user added, “Ave Maria.”

Ave Maria! Please pray for Notre Dame! 🙏🙏🙏

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