Why The Abuse Scandals Won’t Shake This Priest’s Commitment to Christ: Don’t Be The “Disciple Who Walks Away”

Josh Applegate, Unsplash / Misko3, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

In all of the scandals in the Church and in how I can get occasionally infuriated with some elements within the Church, I can honestly say this:

It has not diminished my belief in God at all.
It has not diminished my belief in Christ at all.
It has not diminished my belief in the truth of the Church at all.
It has not diminished my commitment to the Christ and His Church to be the best priest I can be.
It has not diminished my commitment to my parishioners to be the best pastor I can be.


Because Christ and His Church are bigger than any cleric, theologian, or muckraker. They are larger than any persecutor from without and larger than every cancer from within. I don’t follow Christ and His Church because of men but because of Christ.

Sometimes this is “our circus and these are our monkeys” to paraphrase the polish saying. Better for us to stand on the side of the saints than to be the disciple who walks away.

Originally posted to Facebook.

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Fr. Bill Peckman is a priest in the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. He is the pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish in Macon, St. Mary Parish in Shelbina, St. Patrick Parish in Clarence, Sacred Heart Parish in Bevier.