Priest Hilariously Explodes Twitter, Asks for Predictive Texts: What Patron Saint Are You, According to Your Phone?

@TheHappyPriest, Twitter / ChurchPOP

You should definitely try this!

Fr. Cassidy Stinson, a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Richmond, Va., hilariously engaged Twitter users in a recent post. He asked them to type on their phones, “I’d be the patron saint of…,” using predictive text for the response.

First, type the phrase he provided, then choose words your phone chooses for you.

Here’s his full tweet below:

@TheHappyPriest, Twitter

Fr. Stinson’s full text reads,  “Let‘s see if your predictive text can tell you what your patronage would be if you ever became a Saint! 😇 / Type “I’d be the patron saint of” and see what you get… / I’d be the patron saint of the parish parking lot. (It could use the help)”.

Hundreds of users responded with hilarious answers. As of this writing, his post generated more than 900 responses, over 40 retweets, and almost 1,000 likes!

Here’s some of our favorite responses:

@frgoyo, Twitter

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo responded, “I’d be the patron saint of ‘twitter and social media.’ Well I guess I type this a lot so not really a coincidence.”

@AbbyJohnson, Twitter

Pro-life advocate Abby Johnson responded, “Patron saint of the unborn children. I mean, how often do I type ‘unborn”’ for that to pop up in my predictive text?? Lol.”

@BraamyBraam, Twitter

Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Washington Ryan Braam said, “I’d be the patron saint of the seminary. / Oof.”

@jmburkepile, Twitter

ChurchPOP English editor Jacqueline Burkepile responded, “I’d be the patron saint of your wedding day 😂”.

@JackieFrancois, Twitter

Catholic musician and speaker Jackie Francois Angel said, “I’d be the patron saint of a retreat this weekend for ya guys and I hope y’all are having fun.”

@Br0therBrother, Twitter

Another user said, “I’d be the patron saint of the blueberry. / Brother”.

@cor_ad_cor, Twitter

This user added, “I’d be the patron saint of a snow day.”

@YemeniCutie, Twitter

This user also said, “I’d be the patron saint of the cross. / Looking forward to my death. 👀”

@bonedaddy679, Twitter

Another user said, “I’d be the patron saint of pallet jacks. Makes sense.”

What will you be the patron saint of? Get your phone out and let us know!

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