Priest Accidentally Uses Video Filters During Mass Live Stream: “This is the Best Thing Ever”

Fr. Paolo Longo, Facebook / ChurchPOP

This is too funny! 🤣🤣🤣

Italian priest Fr. Paolo Longo live-streamed Mass due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. However, he accidentally activated Facebook’s video filters!

Twitter user Gavin Shoebridge posted the hilarious clip, which generated more than six million views at the time of this writing. The video shows Fr. Longo with multiple filters, including a helmet and pink confetti, a set of weights, a gold medallion and confetti, and a black hat and sunglasses.

Here’s the Twitter clip below:

Click here if you cannot see the post above.

The post reads, “In Italy today, a priest decided to live-stream a Mass due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, he activated the video filters by mistake.”

In another extended video, he appears with a long, grey beard, a purple mustache, and with googly eyes.

Here’s the extended clip below:

Click here if you cannot see the post above.

Several Twitter users found this amusing, including popular Media Nun of the Daughters of Saint Paul, Sr. Helena Burns.

Here’s Sr. Burns’ Twitter post below:

@SrHelenaBurns, Twitter


Other users joked about the 1980’s The Blues Brothers movie, saying this priest is “on a mission from God.”

Here’s two of these Twitter responses below:

@anglonemi, Twitter

This user said, “Technical difficulties won’t stop him. He’s on a mission from God.”

Another user posted a GIF of the movie to accompany the tweet:

@weathergil, Twitter

How cute! What do you think?

Please pray for our priests during this difficult time. They need our prayers and support!

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