Priest’s Phone Rings During Mass…And It’s Pope Francis! (Video Inside)

Assumption Parish of JalostotitlĂĄn, Facebook /Casa Rosada (Argentina Presidency of the Nation) / CC BY-SA

This is so cool!

Fr. Miguel DomĂ­nguez of Assumption Parish of JalostotitlĂĄn, Mexico received a phone call while reading the Gospel at Mass. To his surprise, Pope Francis was on the other end!

The priest apologized to the faithful and answered his phone.

Fr. DomĂ­nguez then went to the sacristy, spoke to Pope Francis privately for a few moments, then spoke to him publicly with the congregation. Pope Francis concluded with blessings for the faithful.

Here’s the video: (translation below video)

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Here’s the translation:

“(…) How are your lungs?” Fr. Dominguez asked.

“Well, thank God, very well,” Pope Francis responded. “What are you doing now?”

“I am preparing for Mass,” Fr. Dominguez said.

However, the Pontiff specified, “No, what do you do?”

“Ah, I am a pastor, in a parish in my diocese,” Fr. Dominguez clarified.

“Give my regards to your parishioners,” Pope Francis concluded. “And blessings. And pray for me. God, with what he has given you, has blessed you so much. I remember you a lot.”

The priest apologized after returning to the ambo. He added, “Well, we applaud the Pope, right?”

The faithful then joyfully applauded, and Fr. Dominguez continued Mass.

Pray for our Pope and priests!

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