Caught on Tape: Rioters Spray Profane Graffiti on St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York

Mr. Kjetil Ree, / CC BY-SA / @MurphyPIX, Twitter

Please pray for peace in our country!

Recent reports show numerous riots occurring in the United States in response to the death of George Floyd. Violence and civil unrest is occurring throughout the country.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York fell victim to the unrest after rioters vandalized the historic landmark yesterday. Several photos surfaced on social media depicting the desecration, which included profanity.

Video surveillance also surfaced of the rioters-in-action.  Investigative reporter Mary Murphy of PIX11 News in New York posted the video.

Here’s the post below:

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Murphy’s full tweet reads, “We talked to ⁦@NYPDDetectives Chief Rodney Harrison about defacing of landmark St. Patrick’s Cathedral during #NYCPROTEST Saturday. ⁦@PIX11News got surveillance showing “2 female whites” scrawling NYPDK and #BLM on facade. Chief vows to ID them.”

Social media users expressed their sadness and disgust over the recent event.

Here’s some posts below:

@FrGrantCiccone, Twitter

This priest wrote, “This is just too much – New York City last night: ‘Protesters’ desecrate St. Patrick’s Cathedral. One of the most beautiful Catholic Churches in the United States. Law and order needs to be restored.”

@LynnShawProd, Twitter

Another user said, “I cannot attend Sunday mass in New York City due to Covid-19 so I decided to take a walk and visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral, stand outside and say a prayer for our city and America. Here’s what I was confronted with. No words. ⁦
@BilldeBlasio @NYGovCuomo”.

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EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo also posted, “St. Patrick’s Cathedral…this is a disgrace. How does defacing a house of prayer achieve justice?”

Our Lady of Sorrows, please beg Jesus for peace in our country!

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