Bp. Barron’s “Word on Fire Bible” Offers Unique & Powerful Gospel Study – Here’s a Sneak Peek!

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I am so excited about this! 😍

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire will release a Bible focusing on the Gospels. The new Bible offers a powerful and unique method of studying scripture.

The Word on Fire Bible: Volume I – The Gospels includes each of the four Gospels, but adds an element of scripture study not seen in typical Bibles.

The Bible includes essays and meditations from various Church Fathers, artists, saints, and Catholic writers, including Bishop Robert Barron, Michael Stevens, Abp. Fulton Sheen, G.K. Chesterton, St. Augustine, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John Chrysostom and many more.

These reflections, commentaries, and explanations help readers understand and truly delve deeply into scripture. It’s almost like a Bible study without going to a physical group study. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Word on Fire explains that this Bible “was designed to appeal not just to Christians but to non-believers, searchers, and those with far more questions than answers.

“It doesn’t presume any experience with the Bible, catering to those unfamiliar with its many events and characters, while still providing rich insights to even the most biblically literate.”

Bishop Barron describes it as “a cathedral in print,” but it reads like a novel, as it offers beautiful Catholic artwork throughout and a never-before-seen method of studying scripture.

“It’s meant to be a real experience. It’s not just a book you glance through, but it’s a book that’s meant to engage your senses, engage your imagination, and engage your intelligence.”

Here’s a little sneak peak of what it offers:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Bishop Barron further explains in the video below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Here’s some more photos of the bible:

Word on Fire
Word on Fire
Word on Fire
Word on Fire
Word on Fire
Word on Fire

The Word on Fire Bible: Volume I – The Gospels releases June 15. Pre-order your copy here!

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