Amazon Alexa is Pro-Life? This Amazing Video Proves She Is!

@AbbyJohnson, Twitter / @JohnforNM, Twitter

Whoa! This is amazing!

Abby Johnson retweeted a video of someone asking Amazon’s Alexa about her stance on life. She responds, “Whoa!! Love it!!”

The user asks, “Alexa, are you pro-choice or pro-life?”

Listen to what Alexa says below:


Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Alexa answers, “Here’s something I found on the web: According to, I am pro-life because I believe life begins at conception.”

Here’s what some people said about the video:

@girlfromtheqc, Twitter

This user said, “I asked mine too! She said the same thing. <3”

@Jclarkinator, Twitter


This user added, “Awesome. 😎”

@jjgiorgis, Twitter

This user added, “I just played this Tweet and my Alexa heard your question and answered it just the same as your Alexa was doing it in the video. So I heard the same result in echo stereo!”

What do you think? Have you tried this before?

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