Thieves Steal Eucharist & Tabernacle From Canadian Cathedral, Bishop Asks for Prayers

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St. Anthony, please help this parish!

Update: the parish found the tabernacle in Centennial Park, near the cathedral “partially submerged in a canal.” They did not find the Eucharist, however, because “it may have dissolved” in a “body of water.” A dissolved host “ceases to be a consecrated host.”

Thieves took the Eucharist and tabernacle from the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria on Tues., Sept. 8 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

The parish’s security footage caught a man and woman breaking into the church early Tuesday morning. However, “grainy” video footage makes identifying suspects very difficult.

Bishop Gerard Bergie of the Diocese of St. Catharines asked the thieves to return both the Eucharist and tabernacle in a radio interview with Canadian station NewsTalk 610 CKTB.

He emphasized the importance of the Eucharist’s return, as it is “precious to us” and irreplaceable.”

“The tabernacle can be replaced. It’s the contents (…) that is what is so precious to us. That’s what’s irreplaceable,” Bishop Bergie said.

Bishop Bergie added that the steel tabernacle with bronze-colored doors is “not of any monetary value,” hoping they safely return it.

Police investigated the scene, but believe the suspects cleaned the area, as they did not find fingerprints.

Please pray for the Eucharist’s safe return!

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