Actress Patricia Heaton Calls for Praying Daily Rosary Ahead of 2020 Election

Praise God for celebrities like Patricia Heaton!

Hollywood actress Patricia Heaton encouraged her Twitter followers to “pray a daily rosary” and “tune out” social media as we “head to the brink.”

While Heaton did not mention the election, many of her tweets focus on Christ’s call to love during this time of division in our country, including through this year’s presidential election.

Here’s Patricia Heaton’s post below:

@PatriciaHeaton, Twitter

Heaton’s full tweet reads, “As we head to the brink, I highly recommend a daily rosary and tuning out social media/tuning [into] classical music.”

At the time of this writing, the tweet received more than 11,000 likes, almost 1,000 retweets, and almost 600 comments.

Many users thanked Heaton, and explained how and why they pray the daily rosary.

Here’s how some people responded:

@DeannaPierre1, Twitter

This user wrote, I’ve been praying three rosaries a day for the past few weeks. Pray hard, everyone, in these last few days!!! 🙏 🇺🇸 ❤️”

@deedeemac13, Instagram

Another user said, “The rosary has been a daily part of my life since my teens and I am now in my 50s. I always start and end my day with prayers, with more prayers through out the day. It is what gets me through life.”

@KaiCarra, Twitter

This user added, “Ms. Heaton, I just changed my radio station this afternoon to classical music–it was the only thing that calmed me. And yes, have been praying my rosary off/on for a month now. Trying to daily. Came to the same realizations, and glad you shared. Great insight!”

@theGez2, Twitter

“Yes a daily rosary is essential! Thank you for using your platform to express this Patricia.”

Pray the Rosary! 🙏 📿 🙏

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