“Joy in the Blizzard”: Sisters of Life Go Sledding in NYC During Winter Storm

Robert Miller, New York Post, Twitter

This is so cute! 😍

The Sisters of Life went sledding in New York City’s Central Park during a winter snowstorm that left eight inches of snow on Sat., Jan. 29. The storm left a total of at least one foot of snow by Jan. 30.

The New York Post reported that the sisters could not travel across Manhattan from their convent to their crisis pregnancy center. The ladies took this as an opportunity to enjoy the snow.

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“We basically couldn’t get our cars out of the snow. There were so many cars stuck, we decided to go sledding,” local superior Sister Magdalene told the New York Post. “It was really fun.”

Here’s the Twitter post below:

@nypost, Twitter

The post reads, “Sisters of Life go sledding in Central Park as Winter Storm Kenan blankets NYC.”

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Many users commented with enthusiasm as they recognized the joy in the sisters.

Here’s what some people said:

@pamjryan, Twitter

This user said, “Joy in the blizzard, joy in faith. ❤”

@vperls6368, Twitter

Another user said, “They do so much for people!! I am so glad that they had a good time sledding!”

@VieChantant, Twitter

This user added, “I love this! Such joy!”

@normanplante, Twitter

This user also said, “God bless you, Sisters. Have some fun! You earned it.”

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