Capture God's Beauty: Catholic Photo Platform Holds Photo Contest - Here's How to Enter!


The Catholic photography platform and image bank Cathopic has launched an exciting new contest called the Cathopic Challenge.

The challenge is part of the website’s ongoing efforts to modernize digital evangelization.

This contest is open to photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, and audiovisual artists from around the world, with the main theme for its first edition being to capture of the beauty of God in happiness and everyday life.

How Join the Cathopic Picture Challenge

Participants can share up to three images depicting joyful scenarios, facial gestures expressing happiness, photos of children, adults, and more. Imagination has no limits in this contest, and the photo with the highest level of creativity and difficulty will be awarded $200 USD.

In collaboration with its sponsor for this edition, Dimconex Media, Cathopic is organizing and conducting this contest. Both teams will be responsible for evaluating and qualifying the creative pieces submitted for participation.

Strengthening the modern Catholic community is one of the main motivations of the Cathopic team. We hope our work brings believers closer to the digitization of religious creative resources.

With the Cathopic Challenge, the goal is to foster a world-class platform where artists from all over the world can find art, photography, video, and multimedia for the new evangelization.

Click here for more information about the Cathopic Challenge.

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