It was the highest sacrilege.

A building that had been originally constructed as a Jewish synagogue, then used as an Greek Orthodox church, was sold and re-opened as an abortion clinic. And a successful one at that, growing to become the largest abortion facility in western Michigan. Local pro-life activists worked and prayed for many years to shut it down, but to no avail.

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That is, until 2004, when they had a big breakthrough: they were able to convince the owner of the building to sell it to them, and then they immediately evicted the abortion practice. After eight heart-breaking years, and an estimated 20,000 abortions, the abortion clinic closed. The overjoyed pro-lifers made plans to turn the building into a pro-life pregnancy resource center.

David Bereit, founder of 40 Days for Life, was invited to tour the gruesome site a few days after the abortionists left and was told an amazing story.

According to the new owners, a day or two after taking control of the building, a small group of Christian pro-life leaders gathered in the building to pray. They chose to specifically pray by the back-alley entrance that had been used by the abortionist to enter and exit the building. They held hands in a circle and prayed that God would cleanse the space of evil.

Suddenly, at the very moment a local pastor in their group concluded their prayer with “Amen,” the back-alley door swung open on its own and a rush of air went through the room and out the door. A few seconds later, a cool breeze began blowing in from the open door.

The group quietly walked back to the front of the building. While meditating on what they had just witnessed, a neighbor stopped by and asked what they had done with the statue of a demon that had been on the roof. The pro-life group had never seen such a statue and hadn’t removed anything, yet the woman insisted she had seen it on top of the building for some time, but that it was now gone.

So what exactly happened in that building? One of the pro-life leaders present later described it in simple yet profound terms: “a spiritual transfer of ownership.”

And the building? It’s now home to LIFE International, a pro-life organization dedicated to creating pro-life materials and training pro-life leaders around the world.

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