There’s a new movie in theaters, and you have to take the little people in your life to go and see it!

The Star, a wonderfully animated film, tells the story of Jesus’ birth with the help of many animals along the way. It’s a must-see, and here’s why:

1) Send a message to Hollywood

One reason you need to go and see the movie is to say thank you to Hollywood for producing a positive, uplifting, film focusing on the greatest story ever told! If we help box offices sales, just maybe we will see more films of such a high Christian caliber.

2) Share the Christmas story

Many young parents toady are raising their children without the faith. For the adults in their life who are concerned their grandchildren, nieces, or nephews don’t know the Jesus story, this movie will tell it in a memorable way. And hopefully it will be a story they re-tell to their family and friends.

3) Teach children the use of imagination

For families who have introduced their children to Jesus and the story of his birth, this film offers the opportunity to engage in imaginative prayer without you even knowing it. What was it like for the donkey who carried Mary? This movie brings such a question to light.

4) Share other biblical stories

The main purpose of the movie is to tell the Nativity story, so emphasis on other biblical stories is not given much attention but the film offers families the opportunity to tell the other stories.

For example, when Mary returns to Nazareth from visiting Elizabeth, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and baby John accompany her. Thus an opportunity to share about the Visitation and the miracle that took place in the life of that holy couple.

5) It portrays the virtues of Mary

The Star marvelously captures the virtues of Mary, especially her generosity and compassion. At one point the donkey kneels down in prayer, and says, “How did Mary do this (pray)?”

The example of Mary teaches people how to live their lives, and that’s a message still true to this very day.

6) Purpose and God’s plan

Pay attention to each animal’s purpose throughout the film and how they carry it out. The donkey wants to have a purpose in life, and he thinks he knows what he wants it to be. For Christian believers, they know the donkey’s services to the infant Christ would fulfill his purpose, but it takes a while for the donkey to finally realize this fact. As the story progresses, the unfolding of God’s plan is revealed.

Sometimes we run away from God’s plan and other times we turn back and find its fulfillment.

7) Power of friendship

The movie displays the friendship between many of the animals and how they stick together through highs and lows. The Star will teach young people to value their friendship and be loyal to one another.

8) Importance of prayer

Sometimes in life we will hit a point where we need to turn to God in prayer. Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem was that moment in the film. When all seems lost, turn to God, and seek direction.

9) Prophets will be ridiculed

One of the animals served a prophetic role throughout the film, and one prophecy was fulfilled, and the last one made in the film also is, to this very day. That didn’t stop people from poking fun at that character. Voices of good and truth sometimes will be ridiculed, which is an important lesson to learn from this film.

10) Jesus always wins!

There is always a battle between good and evil, and this is a motif in the film. In the end, good triumphs over evil, and Jesus always converts hearts. You will see this play out in the film’s final minutes.

* * *

At first I was reticent to go see this film. I didn’t want to spend the price of a movie ticket for a movie that is less than an hour and a half. I’m happy I did, because there are many lessons about faith and life this movie will remind the adults, and teach young people.

What are you waiting for? Go see The Star!

Here’s the trailer:

Is this a movie you want to see? Let us know in the comments!

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