Jesus Is Living In Me, Adorable Girl Tells America’s Got Talent Judges

America's Got Talent, YouTube

You’ve seen many videos like it before: A cute, unassuming kid goes out to perform for a talent contest, they blow the judges away, and the video goes viral on social media.

But this one had a unique ending.

5-year-old Heavenly Joy (that’s her name!) has incredible spunk and singing ability for her age. On the TV show America’s Got Talent, she belted out an amazing rendition of “In Summer” from the movie Frozen.

And it blew the judges away! One of the judges, shock-jock radio personality Howard Stern, said Joy was like Shirley Temple: “You know, I think Shirely Temple is living somewhere inside you – is that possible? Because…”

Joy interrupted: “Well, not Shirley Temple – Jesus!

“There you go!” Stern responded, “Now you’re talking!”

Here’s the full video (she talks about Jesus at 4:23):

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