Enormous Landslide Miraculously Stops RIGHT BEFORE 420-Yr-Old Church in Italy (Video & Photos Inside)

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Daily Mail, YouTube

Praise the Lord!

Landslides can be extremely destructive. Which is why when one started on the side of a mountain in Valle Spluga in Italy heading toward a historic church, things looked pretty bad.

But amazingly, even though around 7500 cubic meters of rock fell off the mountain and enveloped the church and town in dust, the substance of the landslide stopped just a few yards from the church!

“As a believer,” the church’s priest told the local news, “I say that the provident hand of God accompanied this event which could have ended tragically.”

The church was built in 1492 after two young girls claimed to have been visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary in that spot.

Below we have some pictures of the landslide and the aftermath, plus a video at the end.

Here are the pictures:

Daily Mail, YouTube
Daily Mail, YouTube
Daily Mail, YouTube
Daily Mail, YouTube
Daily Mail, YouTube
Daily Mail, YouTube

And here’s the video:

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