“Tiny Heartbeats Thunder”: Pregnant Mothers Blast Their Babies’ Heartbeats at Walk for Life West Coast

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What a beautiful statement!

Seven pregnant mothers “thundered” their babies’ heartbeats at the 2019 Walk for Life West Coast,  witnessing an amazing statement of life in the womb.

In a press release by Walk for Life West Coast, they explained the historical Walk for Life moment as “a thundering repudiation of the Culture of Death, so recently and tragically exemplified by the state of New York’s legalization of the murder of such children right up to the moment of birth.”

Two of the pregnant mothers included former planned parenthood managers-turned pro-life advocates Abby Johnson and Patricia Sandoval.

What the incredible video below:


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#heartbeats at the #walkforlife.

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Click here if you cannot see the video.

And here’s another great video:

Click here if you cannot see the video.

Wow! God is such an amazing and wonderful giver of life!

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