How to Create a Sacred Space at Home For Prayer During Coronavirus Quarantine

Catholic T-Shirt Club

Have you ever thought about creating a home alter for prayer?

The home altar is a great way to create a sacred space set aside for prayer in your home.

While many churches close throughout this time of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, creating a home altar is a powerful way to keep your prayer life thriving.

There’s no need for anything expensive. You can use what you have at home!

Dan Burke explains below how to easily and cost-effectively create a sacred space in your home:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Catholic T-Shirt Club also has a great home altar kit if you don’t know where to start:

This home altar kit is available for purchase on Catholic T-Shirt Club’s website for a limited time.

Here’s some more great examples of home altars:

u/digifork, Reddit
u/redmonkey19, Reddit
u/mynameisfrancois, Reddit
u/SouthernDesire, Reddit
u/Thatguyjumpertik, Reddit
u/charlelouise, Reddit

Does this inspire you to create a sacred space in your home?

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