A Priest’s Hopeful Message for Parents of Fallen-Away Catholics: “Be Patient…God is Waiting”

@FrGoyo, Twitter / Max Pixel, Public Domain

What beautiful and hopeful advice!

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo of the Diocese of Los Angeles shared inspiring advice for parents of fallen-away Catholics.

He encouraged parents not to lose hope in the battle for their souls. He advised parents to remind their children that God loves them and “is waiting.”

Here’s his post below:

@FrGoyo, Twitter

“During the years I left the church, [my] mom reminded me (every day) that God loves me. After those years, I remembered [and] knew I could go to God. / Parents, be patient with your kids. Remind them that God is always waiting. / One day, they’ll need to remember God loves them. #prodigalKids

Many users thanked Fr. Goyo for posting this story.

Here’s what some people said below:

@sisterleonarda, Twitter

Sister M. Leonarda wrote, “What a beautiful witness! Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful Mom!”

@Maria78251124, Twitter / @FrGoyo, Twitter

Another user said, “One of the greatest parenting tips disclosed! 💞 👏👏”

@eglijr46, Twitter

This user also said, “I agree. After being away for years, I was welcomed back, and the priest said welcome home!!”

@gerry_decleene, Twitter

This user commented, “Thank you Father, I needed to hear this. God Bless You.”

@samlagaly, Twitter

Another user wrote, “Thank you. Some of us mothers need that reassurance.”

@TheWatersWoman, Twitter

This user added, “Best advice of the day!”

What do you think of Fr. Goyo’s advice?

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