“My Snow Christ”: Priest Builds Amazing Snow Crucifix After Winter Storm in Madrid

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@tono_casado, Instagram

Wow! This is amazing! 🤩🤩🤩

Madrid experienced a massive snowstorm over the weekend, with more than 20 inches of snow. Sadly, at least four people died as a result. However, one Spanish priest made something beautiful out of this bad weather.

Fr. Toño Casado created a giant crucifix out of snow. He posted several pictures on Instagram of his incredible artwork.

Here’s his post below:


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A post shared by Toño Casado (@tono_casado)

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His translated tweet reads, “MY SNOW CHRIST. As you have liked, here are some images of this Jesus who was born on a silent winter night. With the caress of the hand of my friend and neighbor, Mariló Montero, the most beautiful Face became true before our eyes.

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“Little by little He melts away before the gaze of the people, because He loves everyone and His heart is not made of ice. That we take care of ourselves. That is what God wants. That we do not hurt ourselves.

“Thank you, Mariló, for that night of silence and truth before a Church that wants to be a home for everyone, a place where you can finally feel the warmth of good people. It is the Parroquia del Pilar.

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“The snow will melt but the Jesus of snow will always be alive in our eyes.”

Here’s the enlarged photos:

@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram
@tono_casado, Instagram

Isn’t it amazing? What are your thoughts?

Pray for Madrid! 🙏🙏🙏

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