“This Church Harasses Women!”: Priests Face Belligerent Mob During NYC Pro-Life March

Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram

Pray for the conversion of pro-abortion activists!

On Sat., June 12, two priests walked through a pro-abortion mob and stood for the unborn. The priests walked through the streets of Brooklyn, New York in a peaceful and prayerful demonstration to a nearby abortion clinic after St. Paul Church’s morning Mass.

However, belligerent pro-abortion mobs met the peaceful protesters with hostility. It took them an hour to walk six blocks.

Catholic Connect and photographer Jeffrey Bruno posted a detailed description with several photos of the march.

Here’s the post below:

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Here’s the text of the post:

“At 8:06 am, what began as a peaceful Saturday morning ended abruptly as a crowd assembled before the doors St. Paul’s Church in Brooklyn chanting, ‘This church harasses women! This church harasses women!’

“As the altar bell rang and the faithful rose from the pews of the diocese’s oldest continuously operating church, the reason everyone inside…and outside the church, albeit for different reasons, began to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and to offer prayers for all of those affected by abortion.

“As voices rose in song against the chanting beyond the doors, a cacophonous symphony of opposing notes and points of view echoed against the frescoed walls.

“As Mass concluded, the faithful stepped from the peace of the church they entered the gauntlet.

“Rage-filled screams, taunts, and attempts to prevent them from peacefully praying as they walked to a nearby abortion clinic ensued.

“It took an hour to walk 6 blocks.

“Undeterred, a priest from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and a priest the Diocese of Brooklyn led the group down Court Street in a procession that resembled the walk to Calvary. Complete with falls, spit, and hate.

“They prayed. And they brought the invitation of Christ’s Mercy and Love.

“They say that to be truly heroic there needs to be a challenge to rise above. To be truly heroic means to place the well being of others above that of your own. And to be heroically faithful means to steadfastly witness to Christ in the face of resistance and attack.

“And today, on the dirty streets of Brooklyn, two priests and a group of faithful brought it. This is what Heroic faith looks like and it was clear for the world to see.”

Here’s the enlarged photos:

Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram
Jeffrey Bruno, Instagram

Pray for the conversion of sinners!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death!

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