Massive Crowds Rallied for Life Outside Supreme Court Amid Historic Abortion Hearing

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Massive crowds of pro-life advocates rallied outside the Supreme Court building on Wed., Dec. 1 as justices heard oral arguments for one of the most monumental abortion cases in modern history.

Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization questions the constitutionality of Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. This case could potentially overturn Roe vs. Wade, sending abortion laws back to the states.

Thousands gathered on the Supreme Court’s steps to peacefully encourage justices to uphold the sanctity of life in the womb. Pro-lifers held signs, prayed, and voiced their support for the unborn.

News outlets and personal social media accounts posted photos and videos of their experience at the historic rally.

Here’s some great posts below:

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly went on-location for the event.

Here’s the Instagram post below:


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A post shared by EWTN Pro-Life Weekly (@ewtnprolife)

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The post reads,  “…Pro-lifers from across the nation gathered in front of the Supreme Court to be a voice for the voiceless and defend life. Approximately 1,200 [Liberty University] students went to pray outside the court. Our very own [Catherine Hadro] joined [Texas Values] for an interview.

“Pictured last is Theresa from New York. She had a coerced abortion and since has dedicated her life to helping other women wounded by abortion. All these and so many more represented the pro-life movement today.”

Pro-Life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha also posted many photos of her time before the Supreme Court steps. She published one photo of rosary beads covering a pro-abortion poster.

The poster reads, “Get your rosaries off my ovaries.”

Here’s her post:

@obianuju, Twitter

Holding her rosary, the Culture of Life Africa founder writes, “I could not resist this one…”

Other news outlets, including Students for Life, Live Action, and LifeSite News posted their groups’ experiences on the Supreme Court steps.

Here’s their posts below:

Students for Life of America posted photos and videos of their time at the Supreme Court steps. The group even voiced their support for the unborn the night before the hearing!

Here’s a video:

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The group also posted photos of their peaceful Tuesday march.

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Students for Life’s post reads, “On the eve of Dobbs v. Jackson, the Pro-Life Generation marched around the Supreme Court with crosses in their hands representing every year since abortion was legalized in 1973.”

The group then appeared before the steps the following day during the oral arguments.

Here’s the photos:

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Students for Life’s post reads, “Students for Life had an AMAZING time in front of the Supreme Court in support of a pro-life ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson!

“This case has the potential to cripple Roe v. Wade, thus re-establishing states’ rights to set their own abortion laws. / Roe’s days are numbered… and we are sooo here for it.👏🏼”

Lila Rose’s Live Action organization also posted their group’s photos.

Here’s their post below:


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A post shared by Live Action (@liveactionorg)

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The post reads, “A HISTORIC TIPPING POINT. Thousands gathered yesterday at the U.S. Supreme Court to defend Mississippi’s ban on abortion after 15 weeks and to demand Roe v. Wade be overturned.

“Roe v. Wade [and] its companion cases federally permit killing kids until birth for any reason and prevent states from taking real action to protect children.

“It’s time for the Supreme Court to right its wrongs [and] outlaw abortion from the moment of fertilization. Let’s join together and fight for life harder than we ever have before.”

LifeSite News was another outlet covering the event.

Here’s some of their photos and videos:


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A post shared by (@lifesite)

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LifeSite’s post reads, “We’re grateful for everyone who followed our coverage of this historic rally outside of the United States Supreme Court as the oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health were presented to SCOTUS.”

Let us pray for an end to Roe v. Wade!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, please pray for and protect the unborn!

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