5 Catholic Apps Every Catholic Needs to Grow Closer to Christ This Lent

Hallow / Public Domain / iPieta, Screenshot

Do you have any Catholic apps on your phone?

The app stores contain countless Catholic apps that can help one grow in faith.

Below are five apps that can help you grow in your faith journey this Lenten season and throughout the entire year. (Listed in no particular order.)

These apps contain an abundance of resources that will surely draw you closer to Our Lord!

1) Hallow 

Hallow is the #1 downloaded Catholic app in the world. It contains prayer, meditations narrated by top Catholic speakers, daily reflections, the Bible, daily examination of conscience, music, sleep aids, journaling, and more.

It also includes a section for kids!

The app currently invites its users to participate in their #Pray40 challenge, which includes meditations with Jesus actors Jim Caviezel and Jonathan Roumie.

Other aspects of this challenge include the Stations of the Cross, weekly litanies, mediations from Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Lenten music, and more.

Here’s the trailer of the #Pray40 challenge:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

2) iPieta 

The iPieta app contains almost everything a Catholic looks for in an app.

It includes the Catholic Bible in several different languages, a free audio Bible, several liturgical calendars, litanies, rosaries, countless devotions, catechesis, Church documents, and much more.

Here’s a preview of iPieta: (screenshots from app)

iPieta, screenshot
iPieta, screenshot
iPieta, screenshot
iPieta, screenshot
iPieta, Screenshot


The EWTN app contains free streaming content, including live television and on-demand programming, free audio Bible downloads, the daily Mass on-demand, the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Stations of the Cross, and more. The app also links you directly to the daily Mass readings and the EWTN homily.

This app also contains EWTN children’s content.

Here’s a preview: (app screenshots)


4) Formed

The Formed app provides countless Catholic videos, documentaries, audio books, bible studies, movies, faith formation, and more.

Here’s a trailer:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

5) Catholic Exorcism

The St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal’s Catholic Exorcism app provides deliverance prayers and resources for Catholic laity and priests. 

“With the increasing secularization of the culture and fewer people practicing the faith, people are more susceptible to demonic activity,” the St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal’s Msgr. Stephen Rossetti told ChurchPOP.

“The protections of the sacraments, sacramentals and practicing the faith are disappearing in people’s lives.”

“This app provides important Catholic prayers and rituals for those needing deliverance from demonic activity. There are sections for priest exorcists, for any priest doing deliverance work, and for the laity as well.”

Here’s a preview: (app screenshots)

Catholic Exorcism, Screenshot
Catholic Exorcism, Screenshot
Catholic Exorcism, Screenshot
Catholic Exorcism, Screenshot

What is your favorite Catholic app?

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