“Coffee is Overrated!”: How This Priest Answered a Sick Call With 20 Seconds to Spare

@FrGoyo, Twitter / @goyohidalgo, Facebook / ChurchPOP

This is amazing! 🔥

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles published an awesome story about how he answered an emergency sick call at a hospital with only 20 seconds to spare.

The priest said he answered the early morning call by “driving like Formula 1,” “running through the hospital,” and “jumping over a chair like an obstacle race.”

As of this writing, the viral tweet received almost 1,800 likes, nearly 70 retweets, and generated over 110 comments.

Here’s his story below:


@frgoyo, Twitter

Fr. Goyo’s post reads, “Who needs coffee when you get an early emergency sick call and the nurse tells you it is a matter of minutes, and you drive like [Formula 1], and run through the hospital, jumping over a chair like an obstacle race, just to make it 20 seconds in time? Coffee is overrated!”

Here’s how some people responded to his story:

@carlinef13, Twitter

One user commented, “Oh my, Fr. Goyo! Wow, you have your work cut out for you. Working for Jesus is quite an adventure – that for sure, Yes, I think coffee is a little overrated too. I like the taste of it. I am glad you made it to give the patient the Sacrament. God bless, Fr. Goyo. 🙏🏽🕊️🕯️”

@DennisMJordan, Twitter

Another user explained, “As an ICU RN, I can’t tell you how much I truly appreciate you being there and making it in time. / I always tell our hospital priest that he has the most important job in the hospital.”

@cathfav, Twitter

This user added, “The sacrament of the anointing is very powerful. God bless you, [Father] for ensuring this good soul arrived safely home.”

@harv681, Twitter

Another user also said, “Well, who needs caffeine when you have moves energized by the Holy Spirit?”

Fr. Goyo then responded:

@FrGoyo, Twitter

His tweet reads, “And I [thank] God for two skills I never knew I needed: I am a good driver and a runner! They never tell you this in seminary.”

What do you think of Fr. Goyo’s story?

Let us pray for our priests! 🙏

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