Is Amazing Grace the greatest song of all time?

With its simple yet sublime melody and lyrics that cut to the heart written by the former slave-trader John Newton, it certainly good be. It’s at least near the top!

Here are 21 of the best performances of the classic. Enjoy!

1) Rhema Marvanne, 7 year old gospel singer

2) Elvis Presley

3) The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

4) Jotta A, 12 years old

5) Harlem Gospel Choir

6) Leann Rimes

7) Aretha Franklin

8) Wintley Phipps

For the first 5 minutes, Phipps tells the amazing story of the song. He starts singing at 5:20.

9) Andrea Bocelli

10) Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) with Juliette Hamilton

11) Mormon Tabernacle Choir

12) Destiny’s Child

13) Eisuke Mochizuki (pianist) and Ayako Ishikawa (violinist)

14) David Brian

15) Soweto Gospel Choir

16) Mumford & Sons

17) Celtic Woman

18) Carrie Underwood

19) Alan Jackson

20) Il Divo

21) Gospel Creek The Bluegrass Band

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