Is a Father's love a glimpse of the Divine?

In this episode of “The Catholic Talk Show,” Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse and Father Rich Pagano join with Father Mark-Mary Ames, CFR, of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal to discuss three ways earthly fatherhood mirrors God’s unfathomable love for us!

1) Sacrificial Love

Father Mark-Mary shares the moving story of Tom Vander Woude, a Catholic father who laid down his life for his son by saving him from drowning, while sadly drowning himself.

“It opened my eyes," Father Mark-Mary explains. "If this is true of an earthly father, how much more true is it of our Heavenly Father and how invested He is in us?”

The CFR says fatherhood in its purest form is a selfless love that embodies the sacrificial love Christ demonstrated for humanity.

2) Guidance and Discipline

The role of fathers extends beyond love to guidance and discipline, reflecting God's desire for our sanctification. Just as earthly fathers prepare their children to face life’s challenges with strength and resilience, our Heavenly Father shapes us through His teachings, guiding us toward a path of righteousness and holiness.

"A father is also going to equip us and form us, part of that is teaching us to grow in discipline, to do hard things," Father Mark-Mary says.

3) Presence and Attentiveness

Fatherhood is deeply relational–being present and attentive to your children. Father Mark-Mary explains how God’s promise to us is His unwavering presence.

"The desire you have for a perfect father are promises that are fulfilled in the Heavenly Father,” he says.

Just as a good father listens, supports, and stands by his children, God’s attentiveness to our needs and His constant presence in our lives reflect the depth of His fatherly love.

This episode is so good for learning how to better appreciate the love of God the Father!

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Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name! 🙏

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