What does respect really mean for men in today’s world? In a recent episode of "The Catholic Gentleman," John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt explore the essential role of respect, honor, and father-son relationships in shaping a man.

Here are three vital lessons from the gentlemen about masculinity and respect everyone can learn from!

1. The Intrinsic Value of Respect and Honor for Men

Devin says that “respect is a big deal to men because it has everything to do with honor and admiration, and what man doesn't want to be honored and admired?"

He explains that the innate desire for respect is intertwined with men's need for acknowledgment and validation of their character and accomplishments.

However, he warns of the dangers of misdirecting this desire, because, "If we get [respect] wrong, we lose our Salvation because we make ourselves our own God."

What a powerful statement about the spiritual risks associated with seeking vainglory!

2. The Crisis of Modern Masculinity

Sam explains there is widespread insecurity among men, who often struggle with understanding their role and worth in society. Historically, father-son relationships and rites of passage instilled a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance.

But today, he says “there's no initiatory experiences for men anymore, there's no more test to pass... and as a result, there's a huge amount of insecure men.”

3. The Role of Father Figures and Rites of Passage in Masculinity

To help men heal from the crisis of modern masculinity and “father wounds,” John says we need to encourage societal acknowledgment through proven maturity and character, rather than mere age. "Our identity hasn’t been validated; we haven’t been affirmed as a man by a father... our identity is found in things of this world and others' admiration.”

In the episode, the gentlemen offer great advice on how to seek honor not in worldly accolades but in the eyes of God, becoming secure, virtuous, and aligned with the Divine Will.

This is for those seeking to deepen their understanding of masculinity in the context of faith and society today!

Watch the full episode below:

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