Are you ready to uncover the guiding principles of Catholic masculinity?

In an enlightening episode of "The Catholic Gentleman," hosts Sam Guzman and John Heinen provide valuable insights into the three pillars of Catholic masculinity every man must embrace.

The first pillar is the Spiritual Life, which sets the foundation for a meaningful relationship with God.

"The Christian revelation is that God has a face and a name and is a person, and even three persons that we can relate to in love," Guzman emphasizes.

"As baptized and as followers of Christ," Heinen adds, "we are sons of God and as sons, we're part of His Royal Kingship.

This idea establishes the essence of our spiritual life, influencing every facet from the individual to the family, nation, and ultimately, the world.

The second pillar is self-mastery, which focuses on managing instincts and appetites that can lead to inner turmoil.

"Unless we're practicing self-mastery, we become a slave to our desires," Heinen warns.

The host then reminds us that this journey toward self-mastery is not a burden, but an adventure, "unified with God’s grace."

Guzman affirms that our "image of God remains within us and that is where God's grace meets us."

The third pillar is relationships, which examines how the quality of our relationship with ourselves inevitably affects our relationships with others.

Guzman encapsulates this idea stating, "We're all connected. There's no such thing as being saved alone as a Catholic."

Illustrating the value of relationships, Guzman advocates living our lives Eucharistically, reflecting on the self-giving love of God: "We are supposed to pour ourselves out because we are united to Christ in the Eucharist."

Drawing on the wisdom of renowned saints, they both underline the significance of self-control and supreme love for God.

Heinen recalls a quote from Saint Ambrose:

"A man is rightly called a king who makes his own body an obedient subject and by governing himself with suitable rigor refuses to let his passions breed rebellion in his soul."

Guzman cites Saint Augustine's inspiring words:

"Love God and do whatever you please, for the soul trained in love to God will do nothing to offend the one who is beloved."

These pillars - spiritual life, self-mastery, and relationships - provide a solid foundation for Catholic men seeking to lead purposeful lives enriched by faith, virtue, and service.

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Are you ready to engage with these pillars and journey towards a deeper, more fulfilling spiritual life?

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