Could you be looking for happiness in all the wrong places?

In this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt share three ways shifting your focus to spiritual discipline and hope can open the door to true happiness!

1) Embrace Discipline and Virtue for Growth.

Comfort is king today. Although discipline might be a ‘lost virtue,’ it’s necessary for personal and spiritual growth.

"Happiness is the goal of discipline. We all want to be happy, and ultimately, that's what's driving us,” Heinen says.

The beauty of embracing disciplines like prayer, fasting, and hope is found in the happiness of directing our desires toward God’s will.

2) Discover Joy Beyond Worldly Success.

It can be easy to lose sight of what truly matters if we mistakenly measure success by our material achievements.

"We all know this; we can feed the body as much as we want, we can feed the brain as much as we want, but we'll never be truly happy,” Schadt says.

True happiness isn't found in the next promotion, award, or social media, but by pursuing the love that God offers.

“The pursuit is worth it, the joy is worth it... we just have to receive that grace,” Heinen says.

3) Add Meaningful Spiritual Practices to Your Day.

Adding spiritual practices to your day not only disciplines the body and mind but aligns our hearts with God's will, leading to a deeper sense of purpose.

"We've got to commit ourselves to the hard work of actually waking up every morning to commit ourselves to prayer … that might mean 5:30 a.m!" Heinen says.

This can distinguish between knowing about these truths and living them out.

The gentlemen say the path to true happiness exists for everyone through discipline, hope, and a daily commitment to growing closer to God!

Watch below:

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Let's embrace discipline and hope! 🙏

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