Why is the occult gaining traction, especially among today's youth?

In a recent episode of "The Catholic Talk Show," Ryan Scheel, Ryan Dellacrosse, and Father Rich Pagano delve deep into the modern allure of the occult and its increasing influence on the youth with Charles Fraune, author of the book, "The Rise of the Occult."

Underpinned by insights from ex-Satanists, Wiccans and exorcists, the guys highlight three main areas of concern.

1. Technology's Role in Amplifying the Occult's Reach

In today's digital age, occult practices are merely a click away. From spirit-summoning apps to manifesting tutorials, the internet serves as a gateway for young, impressionable minds.

The isolation and separation that online platforms can sometimes promote only add to the allure.

"The occult loves separation and isolation and then destroys the people once they're in it," Fraune laments.

2. Parallels Between Occult Addiction and Historical Drug Addiction

Much like drug addiction, the occult offers immediate gratification, a rush of power, and a sense of belonging.

"A lot of things you're saying sound a lot like drug addiction to me," Scheel observes.

Fraune emphasizes the perils of dabbling into the occult with a chilling analogy: “A lot of Scripture talks so much about the occult [and] the battle with evil."

3. The Power of Sacraments, Rituals, and Proper Evangelization

The guys also showcase the profound strength of Christ, the sacraments, and evangelization in counteracting the rise of the occult.

As Fraune aptly says, "Only the Catholic Church alone has the power to break ties to scatter demons."

For those exiting occult practices, reverent liturgical practices, such as the Latin Mass, hold significant allure.

"Almost every single one of the former occultists that I talked to came to the church through the traditional Latin Mass."

While they emphasize the increasing influence of the occult, they also underscore the unmatched power of Christ, the significance of sacraments, and the role of the Church in guiding the flock, especially the youth, away from these dark practices.

Watch the episode below:

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Pray the light of Christ may guide the youth!

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