Getting to Mass on time can be a real challenge! The difficulty is compounded when you have small children.

There are bellies to fill, bodies to clothe, and hair to brush. I used to consider it a major accomplishment if my family made it into the pew before the first reading was proclaimed.

We’ve come a long way since those days. I want to share with you three tips I’ve discovered that can get you to Mass with plenty of time to spare.

1) Simplify Breakfast

As much as I enjoy cooking for my kids, Sunday morning is not the time for making sumptuous breakfasts. They’re time-consuming and leave your kids anchored to the kitchen table.

Instead, consider giving them simple things they can eat on the go, like granola bars, and fresh fruit. Portable foods like these will free your kids to move around the house, which is helpful when you’re trying to get them ready. They can also be eaten in the car on the way to Church when you’re pressed for time.

2) Multitask

Good multitasking requires identifying your goal, and taking the steps necessary to complete it. The goal of course is to get to Mass on time.

For my family, it’s completed in three steps: first, we have to eat breakfast, second, we need to get dressed, and third, we have to get our hair done. Once you’ve prioritized your steps, it’s easy to move from one to the next. In fact, some of the steps, like eating breakfast and getting hair done, can even be completed at the same time.

On any given Sunday morning, I’m often braiding hair while my daughter is munching away on a chocolate chip Clif bar or an apple.

3) Plan Ahead

It’s amazing how a little planning helps meet the challenge of getting to Mass on time. Anticipating the small steps you have to take reduces your chances of being caught off guard by unexpected circumstances and empowers you to achieve your goal.

Toward that end, I have breakfast sitting on the counter and ready to go before my kids ever wake up. I also pick my girls’ outfits the night before so I don’t have to rummage through closets and dressers in the morning. It helps to set out coats and shoes for when it’s time to leave.

Simple preparations such as these promote peace of mind and better dispose your soul to the sacredness of the day.


Sunday mornings don’t have to be hectic. There are plenty of things you can do, like simplifying breakfast, learning to multitask, and planning ahead that can make getting to Mass on time a lot easier. Give them a try.

Your family just might make it into the pew before the Church bells begin ringing.

The Holy Family, pray for us!

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