How can men reclaim their role as spiritual leaders for their families?

On this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, podcast hosts Sam Guzman, John Heinen, and Devin Schadt sound the alarm on the lack of guidance for men today.

They discuss how to step into their God-given roles, offering three thoughts on how to do so with confidence and conviction!

1. Embrace Masculine Leadership

Devin says the Church has an urgent need to empower men because they “are not being validated in their unique role and responsibility as the spiritual leader in their families."

Stressing the importance of masculine leadership in the Church, they challenge priests to preach on the crucial role men play in guiding their families spiritually, helping them embrace their roles as fathers and spiritual leaders with zeal. “Faith comes by hearing, and it is important for someone to expound the Scriptures to us,” Sam says.

2. Address Prolonged Adolescence

Taking a look into the transformation of manhood across different eras, they pinpoint the significant societal impacts of fatherlessness and prolonged adolescence.

“Boys in general aren't growing up to become men… they have this perpetual state of adolescence,” John says.

They urge the Church and society at large to wake up to these realities, advocating for a renewed understanding of masculinity that encourages men to initiate love and sacrifice.

3. Cultivate Holiness in the Face of Modernity

Although modern life poses many challenges to spiritual growth, the importance of prayer, engaging with Scripture, and cultivating a loving relationship with God cannot be understated.

“If you’re not spending 30 minutes with our Lord in the’re not really preparing for the battle,” Devin says, encouraging men to be proactive in their spiritual lives, confronting temptations head-on, and striving for serenity and peace, especially in the workplace.

If you want to become a spiritual pillar for your family, the gentlemen are sure to have some great wisdom for you! As they say, rediscovering true masculinity might be a transformative power our world desperately needs.

Check out the episode below:

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Let’s challenge ourselves to be the spiritual pillar our families need!

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